Praying My Girls "Get It."

This was too good not to post the whole thing word for word. It's from Thabiti Anyabwiles' blog, Pure Church. On one hand I hope that one day I will be able to have the same conversation with my daughters if a similar situation would arise. Oh, how I pray that they would "get it." However, on the other hand I pray that God would awaken the church and pastors in such a way that such a conversation would not be needed.

Riding With the Anyabwiles

Driving home from Bible study Wednesday night, my wife and I began discussing a pastor friend who is encountering significant resistance to his ministry of consecutive exposition. At one point things turned into a family discussion as follows:

Mom: Girls, can you believe that some people don't want to hear their pastors explain the Bible to them?

Youngest girl [incredulous]: So, what's the point of going to church?

Dad: Exactly.

Mom [graciously]: Well, some people would rather hear the pastor tell them how to do certain things and tell them entertaining stories.

Oldest girl [perplexed]: What?

Dad: Like how to parent, how to communicate with your wife, and so on.

Oldest girl: I don't understand. Isn't the Bible full of things like that if you just keep preaching through it?

Dad [triumphant]: Yep. You understand it quite well. When you grow up and move away, be sure to find a church that's dedicated to preaching the word of God like that.

If my 9 and 10 year olds get it, I wonder why it's so difficult for adult pastors to understand.