A King Is Coming, But His Name Isn't William

Well, tomorrow is the big day. It's the royal wedding and millions will be watching all around the world. But why? What is at the bottom of such fascination with the wedding of a soon to be king and his princess? To be sure, some of it is wrapped around vanity and materialism, etc., But might it be that there is something in the human heart, a longing that is at the bottom of this excitement?

Mike Cosper writes about this today over at the Gospel Coalition. Here's his conclusion:

Blaise Pascal famously described our vain attempts to fill the infinite abyss inside us with anything but God. Perhaps the obsessive reading, watching, and waiting for Friday’s wedding comes from a similar place, an emptiness inside of us that hungers for the ultimate reign of our King Jesus.

In a few days, much of the Western world will gather around TV sets to watch the incredible spectacle that will surely unfold. There will be a grand processional, and ultimately, a bride will appear, dressed in white, to wed the heir to the throne. We can watch it with a grumpy cynicism; we can watch it with an idolatrous awe; or we can see it as a signpost, pointing to a wedding in which we’ll play a part, and whose King will never disappoint.