Compassion AND Truth

If you were with us a few weeks ago, I preached from Luke 13:1-5 (you can find listen to the sermon here) in the aftermath of the tragedy that has impacted the communities around us. The overall idea behind that passage and the message was that tragedies like what we are seeing so close by to us are God's siren call to repent. Don't be amazed that certain people died and you and I did not. Be amazed at the fact that you are still alive and so are countless other sinners around the world who offend the glory and holiness of God every second and deserve nothing but the punishment of a holy God.

In light of that truth, the tragedy of these tornados is God's siren call for sinners to turn from their sin and turn in faith to Jesus Christ because all will perish without Christ. I hope that the message did not come across as unfeeling or emphasizing truth at the expense of compassion because that is not what Jesus taught. Yes, he said very sobering words in this passage in the wake of horrific tragedies, but not to the neglect of compassion. Remember Jesus was from Galilee. Jesus had healed a disabled man at the Pool of Siloam and he had created all of those who had died in such a horrific way. This was not an impersonal and detached tragedy for Jesus in this passage. Jesus knew how to balance compassion with sobering and sometimes startling truth. We as his followers, must learn to do the same as we treasure and share Christ together.

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