A Good ? Amidst The Economic Crisis

The economic crisis our country and the world is facing is definitely the global issue of the day. Paul Brewster raises a good question for Christians to ask amidst this economic crisis. Maybe it's not a crisis at all, but an answer to prayer for which we should be thankful. You can read the entire article here, but here's the aforementioned question:

For years I have joined with other believers at Wednesday night prayer meetings, National Day of Prayer rallies and any number of other venues and prayed that God would revive the church in America. A question every Christian ought to be asking is: Could God be using these uncertain economic times as a wake-up call to see where our trust really lies? It does not take a perceptive soul to see that many American Christians are far more concerned about the collapse of their investment portfolios than they are about the spiritual collapse of the nation. One is suddenly a crisis to be fought off at all costs; the other has hardly elicited a yawn for decades.

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