Is the Gospel The Same As Toothpaste?

Mark Dever gives a clear answer to this question and how it relates to what we do as the church and how we do it.

Many church leaders today think that with the right poll-tested methods, just about anyone can grow a church. If ambience sells coffee, why not use it to sell...Jesus? If music sells clothing, why not use it to market the church?

But think about this: What does it say about God if we need to market his glory and gospel using the same tools we use to sell toothpaste and laundry detergent?

God is so much more glorious. His Son came with a mighty gospel and now his Spirit is backing up the Son's work and words by actually changing a group of

There's the church's appeal--the wisdom of God, the might of God, the love of God on display in the lives of a gospel-created people for all the world to see!

Join as we pray and labor for a supernaturally attractive church, a worshipping church, a church that is distinct like salt and bright like light.

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