Breaking the Silence

It seems like forever since I posted anything. But there is no more important day than today to break the silence. Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade--the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion for practically any reason at any point in a woman's pregnancy. The result of that decision is in the U.S. alone, 50 million babies have been barbarically slaughtered. 1.3 million are killed annually from abortion. That number is more than all the U.S. war casualties of all wars combined. 40 million babies are killed by abortion worldwide each year. That's seven times the number killed in the Holocaust--each year!

All for what? All because of "want." "I don't want this baby at this time in my life." We have become a nation, not unlike the nations of the Old Testament, who sacrifice our children to the god of self. Today is a day for us as the Church to cry out to God for mercy upon us, for the end of this heinous practice and safety of these babies, and for repentance to be given in the hearts of those who advocate and participate in this atrocity.

Below are a few links/quotes that are helpful on this day as we remember and as we pray and as we hope.


Here's what really happened in Roe vs. Wade from the Roe herself.

In commenting on 1 Peter 2:17 in relation to abortion and our current President's attitude towards it, John Piper asks the following questions of our new President:

1. Are you willing to explain why a baby's right not to be killed is less important than a woman's right not to be pregnant?

2. Or are you willing to explain why most cities have laws forbidding cruelty to animals, but you oppose laws forbidding cruelty to human fetuses? Are they not at least living animals?

3. Or are you willing to explain why government is unwilling to take away the so-called right to abortion on demand even though it harms the unborn child; yet government is increasingly willing to take away the right to smoke, precisely because it harms innocent non-smokers, killing 3,000 non-smokers a year from cancer and as many as 40,000 non-smokers a year from other diseases?

4. And if you say that everything hangs on whether the fetus is a human child, are you willing to go before national television in the oval office and defend your support for the "Freedom of Choice Act" by holding in your hand a 21 week old fetus and explaining why this little one does not have the fundamental, moral, and constitutional right to life? Are you willing to say to parents in this church who lost a child at that age and held him in their hands, this being in your hands is not and was not a child with any rights of its own under God or under law?

Robert P. George has written an excellent article concerning abortion and our fight against it here. He concludes with these words:

Thanks be to God, the conflict over abortion has not produced, and will not produce, a civil war. Still, we must not forget that we are a people under judgment. We are called to account for the national sin of abortion. Like Thomas Jefferson reflecting on the evil of slavery—an evil in which he was personally complicit—we must "tremble for our country when we consider that God is just." Like Abraham Lincoln, whom President Obama invokes but does not emulate, we must pray that God, in His mercy, will not abandon us, but will rather restore us to the true and lofty moral ideals of our founding. Even at this dark hour for our movement, let us here highly resolve to hasten the day when this nation, under God, will be truly and fully and finally dedicated to the proposition that all are created equal.
I'll end with this video:

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