The Joy and Burden of Watching Over Souls

Hebrews 13:17 describes the overall responsibility/privilege of elders/pastors:  watching over souls.  It is both a burden and a joy.  I had the chance to be reminded of both this past week. There has been a gentleman that I have been especially concerned about over the past few months concerning how he and his wife were doing.  Repeated attempts to call and talk had not been successful and so I just kept praying and kept being burdened.  

However, this week, in the providence of God, our paths crossed and I was able to catch up and listen to the struggles he had been going through.  God gave me the privilege of sharing the truth of Scripture with him, listening to him, encouraging him, exhorting him, and praying with him.  Hopefully, the Lord will put things back on the right track for this young man.  I will continue to pray and call and visit and enjoy both the burden and the joy of watching over souls. 

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