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Jed Coppenger posted a great article over at B21 concerning the great need to prioritize our monies/giving as Southern Baptist to reach the urban areas of our nation.

Here's an excerpt with a great question:

Listen folks, we’ve got the money. Just look at the budgets of our state conventions and agencies. The question is can Southern Baptists prioritize their monies so that they are more focused on church planting and less on good, but secondary concerns? Is it possible that Southern Baptists might be able to grade their monies, pouring more money into urban church planting in cities outside of the south? Would it be possible to take the millions and millions of dollars that we are spending on things in the south and redirect those monies towards church planters who are ready to leave momma so that pagans will praise Christ?

Very good question. Hopefully, as Southern Baptists and more importantly as followers of Christ, we can provide the right and needed answer to that question in Orlando in June. Time will tell.

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Charlie said...

You have money? Can you help out a poor church of Christer?