An Endangered Species?

Below is a quote from the 2009 9Marks report card. It refers to the rarity of faithful pastors in churches today.

The problem is, faithfulness is not a high priced commodity in churches these days. Churches demand relevance and excellence. They want John the Baptist to lose to camel's hair and put on a pair of jeans. They want quality programming, T.V. good looks, musicians who would make it in a studio, and preachers who could host a late night talk show. Paul might say he's no super-apostle, but in this market he better be, or they'll change the channel.

Pop goes the church.

How many pastors look into their congregation's eyes and worry that everyone's only two weeks away from leaving for a better church! So should we say goodbye to the ordinary, faithful pastor? Put him on the endangered species list?

We hope not...

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