What's the Distinguishing Mark of Your Church?

Al Mohler in He Is Not Silent:Preaching In a Postmodern World writes,

Rarely do we hear these days of a church that is distinguished primarily by its faithful, powerful, expository preaching. Instead, when we hear persons speak about their churches, they usually point to something other than the preaching. They may speak of its specialized ministry to senior adults, or its children's ministry, or its youth ministry. They may speak of its music or its arts program or its drama, or of things far more superficial than those. Sometimes they may even speak of the church's Great Commission vigor and its commitment to world missions--and for that we are certainly thankful. But, sadly, it is rare to hear a church described first and foremost by the character, power, and content of its preaching.

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Charlie said...

A former member commented that recent leadership in the church had been disappointing.

We tried to point out that ANY leadership that is not the Spirit is doomed to failure and disappointing folks.

We should get out of His Way and let Him lead.

That's preaching "Christ and Him crucified", I think.