Hearing & Seeing Two Different Things

From Jonathan Leeman's The Church and the Surprising Offense of God's Love:

"Christians profess belief in the gospel. Their symbolic burial and resurrection from the waters of baptism indicate that they mean to take up their cross and follow their Lord, but the very ethic of their commitment-less love does not provide them with the opportunity to fulfill these professions with their actions. These sheep are so poorly taught and so imbued by the secular culture's commitment-less conceptions of love that a man's conscience is barely triggered (if at all) when he turns to his wife and says, 'Honey, I'm tired of this church. Let's look elsewhere.' As she quickly agrees and they lightly depart, they fail to recognize their breach of the new commandment Christ gave to his church--'love one another as I have loved you'--even though they may affirm this commandment in their minds. The world at large then looks to the Christian church and hears about 'Christ's love,' but it sees nothing different from what it's already known, because our commitments to one another are chap and easy. So why would the non-Christian bother (unless he's entertained)?"

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