What Skills Must a Pastor Possess?

In Kevin DeYoung's latest post Requisite Tools he lists five tools that a pastor must possess.

They include:

  1. A Pastor Must Be Able to Teach
  2. A Pastor Must Be Able to Relate to People
  3. A Pastor Must Be Able to Lead
  4. A Pastor Must Stay Relatively Organized or Surround Himself With Those Who Can Do This For Him.
  5. A Pastor Must Pray

On number five, DeYoung writes,

If this tool gets rusty, no one will know. At least not at first. It is impossible to survive as a pastor without the other four skills. But, sadly, it is easy to survive, even thrive, without this one. But the pastor that can thrive without prayer is not the pastor I want, nor the pastor I want to be. We can accomplish a lot on our own, but the stuff that really matters requires prayer because it requires God. A man who does not pray should not preach.

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