"I'm Really Concerned That He Isn't Boring"

That's a typical concern of Pastoral Search Committees that Chris Brauns addresses in his new book, When The Word Leads Your Pastoral Search: Biblical Principles & Practices to Guide Your Search. One reviewer of this book is right in commenting that there are other books/resources that Pastor Search Committees need to read in preparation for the task before them, but this is the first book they need to read. I couldn't agree more. As someone on the other side of the process, it's helped, challenged, and encouraged me greatly.

In addressing this concern of a "boring pastor" Brauns writes,

You cannot make it your central goal to call a pastor who will not bore you. The people in your community are drowning. They don't need someone to row out beside them and entertain them. They need the life preserver of God's Word. The people in your pews face great trials today and will in the days to come. Their most desperate need in life, even more important than whether or not they have a warm bed and food, is to hear from God. Whatever you do as a search committee, you must call a pastor who will preach the Word.

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