The Little Moments of Marriage

Right now I am reading Paul Tripp's What Did You Expect?? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage. I began reading it because of some counseling I was asked to do with a couple. This has quickly become my favorite book related to marriage issues and hopefully the Lord is using it to mold me more into the husband He would have me to be.

In one chapter, Tripp explains how our marriages are mostly made up of little moments that have lasting impact on the shape and quality of our marriages. Tripp writes,

In his wisdom, God has crafted a life for us that does not careen from huge, consequential moment to huge, consequential moment…You can probably name only two or three life-changing situations you have lived through. We are all the same; the character and quality of our life is forged in little moments. Every day we lay little bricks on the foundation of what our life will be. The bricks of words said, the bricks of actions taken, the bricks of little decisions, the bricks of little thoughts, and the bricks of small-moment desires all work together to form the functional edifice that is your marriage...”

“...We tend to fall into quasi-thoughtless routines and instinctive ways of doing things that are less self-conscious than they need to be. And we tend to back away from the significance of these little moments because they are little moments. You see, the opposite is true: little moments are significant because they are little moments. These are the moments that make up our lives…We must have a ‘day-by-day’ approach to everything in our lives, and if we do, we will choose our bricks carefully and place them strategically.”

So, let's be careful with the bricks that we will use to build our marriages today.

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