2 Must Listen To Messages

Below is a link to what I believe to be the two best sermons from this year's Pastor's Conference of the SBC. Be especially sure to listen/watch David Platt's sermon. One former SBC President commented that it was the greatest sermon in the history of the Pastor's Conference. Dr. Alvin Reid made the comment that it may have been the most significant sermon he has ever heard.

Two challenging quotes from Francis Chan's message. Listen to the entire message to get the context and the impact.

In regards to the church and what it is to be and do: "I'm sick of being almost biblical."

"If Jesus or Paul were to plant a church in my community, I believe my church would be bigger because I know how to draw and keep a crowd better than they do."

And from David Platt's message:

"Are we going to die in our religion or are we going to die in our devotion?"
Here's the link.


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