Seems Appropriate

Given our current state of somewhat of a holding pattern concerning our next place of ministry, I found this excerpt from Spurgeon's Lectures To My Students encouraging and appropriate. This is from the chapter on "The Call to the Ministry." Spurgeon lists one of the assurances that a man is called to the pastorate as God opening a door for him to actually do what heprofesses he hasbeen called to do.

Spurgeon writes,

"At any rate, whether you value the verdict of the church or not, one thing is certain, that none of you can be pastors without the loving consent of the flock; and therefore this will be to you a practical indicator if not a correct one. If your call from the Lord be a real one you will not long be silent. As surely as the man wants his hour, so surely the hour wants its man. The church of God is always urgently in need of living ministers; to her a man is always more precious than the gold of Ophir. Formal officials do lack and suffer hunger, but the anointed of the Lord need never be without a charge, for there are quick ears which will know them by their speech, and ready hearts to welcome them to their appointed place. Be fit for your work, and you will never be out of it. Do not run about inviting yourselves to preach here and there; be more concerned about your ability than your opportunity, and more earnest about your walk with God than about either. The sheep will know the God-sent shepherd; the porter of the fold will open to you, and the flock will know your voice."


Charlie said...

Well, your history wit God shows that he puts you where a.) You're needed and 2.) You need it.


Takes the pressure off some, eh?

Love in Christ,


R. Philip Blinson said...

Yeah it does. Just hard to always remember that and live it.