Being Forgotten In Being Remembered

I was reading the account in Matthew 26 this morning of the woman who broke the alabaster box open and poured out the perfume upon Jesus' feet. Jesus commended this woman for this act of worship while the rest of the disciples viewed it as a waste of something very precious. He then promised that this woman and her act of worship would be remembered wherever the gospel was proclaimed throughout the entire world.

Why did Jesus commend her while the disciples condemned her? It was clear through this woman's actions that she understood who Jesus was and in some sense what He was about to do. She saw the value of Jesus and in seeing the value of Jesus could sacrifice in such a way that what appeared to others as waste, was joyful worship for her. To this woman Jesus was far more important than an alabaster box full of ointment. And while Jesus promised that what she had done would be spoken of wherever the gospel was proclaimed in memory of her, it seems that once we remember her for what she did, the expectation is that we will remember why she did it. Thus, our remembering of this woman and her actions is ultimately meant to lead us to remembering the treasure that is Jesus.

May our lives be lived in such a way that we joyfully sacrifice for Jesus and the Good News about Him going to all the nations. And as people see and remember that sacrifice, may they see the value of Christ through us. In being remembered, may we be forgotten.

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