God Knows What We Can Do: Nothing

I've been reading T.H.L. Parker's Portait of Calvin the last couple of days. It's a great quick read on the life of John Calvin. Here's a great quote from Calvin on our constant need of God to continue fighting the fight of faith and persevering even when things seem insurmountable:

"We see a great number whose heart fails them when they see that the work is greater than their strength: 'Oh,' they say, 'how shall I be able to do that? I feel that I am so weak and I can see that is a great burden and beyond my bearing.' No, no; let us just work, however difficult things may be, and God will work for us. And since St. Paul in talking of things that surpass the strength of men never fails to exhort them to do them, we must understand that it is no excuse to plead that we have been shocked and dismayed because we see that we are unable to bear the burden that God lays upon our shoulders; for He knows what we can do--nothing at all. And moreover, He will not fail us while we walk in humility, and undertake to subject ourselves to Him and to put ourselves entirely in His hands."

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