8 Questions To Identify Your Idol

I'm halfway Michael Emlet's book CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet. In Chapter 7, he writes,

Our lives are controlled or directed by what we value. We functionally worship what we believe will bring us joy, happiness, peace, contentment, and the like. It's easy to say that we worship God in an ultimate sense, but our daily lives reveal the 'functional' gods we serve in the moment.

He then lists eight questions that help us identify what the idols of our lives are:

1. What do you want or desire?
2 What do you fear? (i.e., what do you not want?)
3. What really matters to you right now?
4. What are you feeling right now?
5. Where (or in what) are you banking your hopes? (What are you hoping will happen?)
6. Complete this sentence, "If only , then . (This ? gets at your ideal reality)
7. What do you think you need? Why?
8. What can't you live without? (What do you worry about losing?)

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