Parents: Keep Throwing the Rocks & Wait for the Sun

If you are are like Holly and myself, you can feel quite frustrated over your attempts to teach your children biblical truth. Regardless of how much they may memorize a catechism question or recite a Bible verse or passage, you always are tempted to frustration because you know that they are just repeating something to you and they do not fully understand what they are saying or the story you just read to them or what it means that "God made you and everything for His own glory," regardless of your attempts to explain it.

I found this post helpful today and hope you do as well. Here's a piece of it:

I once heard (sorry, I don’t remember where) that evangelism to children is like throwing rocks upon a frozen pond. Everyday you throw one rock after another, as they begin to pile on top of the ice. Nothing seems to penetrate the frozen surface. Until one day the sun comes out, the frozen surface melts, and all your rocks that you have thrown over the years sink to the floor of the pond.

How God works his sovereign goodness over my children’s salvation with my responsibility to faithfully teach them, I don’t know. His wisdom is unsearchable and his paths untraceable. Yet, may we, as parents, be faithful in giving our children categories to know God and understand his Gospel, so that when the warmth of God’s light shines upon their hearts, they will believe and rejoice with great joy!

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