Troubled By Twilight

When we were in Tennessee, I had the opportunity of mentoring a first grade boy at a local elementary school. One of the things that saddened me the most as I talked with him and he shared about his life and home situation, was the infatuation he had with the Twilight series. It was an infatuation that he caught from his mother, who loved the books/movie as well.

Now, it was troubling to see this unbelieving little boy and his unbelieving family wrapped up in the deception of this book, but what is even more troubling is the rate at which believers, those in the church, have caught this same fever for this series.

Why is it troubling? Here's Doug Wilson's explanation:

Ask Doug - What is Wrong With Twilight? from Daniel Foucachon on Vimeo.

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lauramichelle79 said...

I have so been troubled by Christians infatuation with this series. when people say well you're just being judgemental , I think but doesn't the scripture have a few things to say about testing the spirits, and alot more about discernment. The spirit in me says STAY AWAY from this series. I have started for that reason sharing the Mark of the Lion series with my friends who are sharing it with theirs. now there's a series Christians should be reading