Barack Obama: "Inspiring Speaker" or "Infanticide Apologist?"

If you have followed this political primary season with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama then you have heard more than one time of Democratic Presidential Nominee Sen. Barack Obama, that he is an "Inspiring Speaker." I agree with this on some level. I remember watching the Democratic National Convention four years ago when he gave the keynote speech and saying to myself the moment he finished, "There's our next President." More than likely, he probably will be and it will not be "issues" that primarily get him the victory. If he is elected, some of it will be simply a backlash against the Bush years and the Republican Pary.

However, another very crucial ingredient to his potential victory will be the fact that the man is very gifted in public speaking. And at the end of the day in the culture that we live in the "inspiring speaker" will almost always win over the "speaker of truth." It seems Paul said something about in the last days people will surround themselves with teachers who scratch the itching ears of their own passions.

"Inspiring Speaker" just isn't qualification enough to be President of the United States. Character does matter. Joe Carter blogs about how there is a much more important issue than "Inspiring Speaker" when the conversation is about Barack Obama. The conversation must also include "Infanticide Apologist."

To earn my vote a politician must pass my dignity litmus test. Obama, like many Republicans and almost all Democrats, fails to meet that standard. But to earn my recognition of you as a fellow civilized human being a person simply has to oppose crushing the heads of infants. Sadly, Obama fails to meet that standard too.

Maybe something is lost in translation, or perhaps I simply speak a different dialect. But whenever I hear people describe Obama as an "inspiring speaker" I only hear the words "infanticide apologist" echo in my ears.

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