The Power of a Father's Example

I am currently reading John Ensor's Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart. Speaking of the importance and influence of good examples for people to follow in terms of marriage relationships and biblical discretion in potential relationships, Ensor comments,

I am the only condom my daughter will ever need. I am her protection. I have modeled for her what kind of man to look for in marriage by how I live and love her mother. I have shown her what to look for--someone who values integrity and lives in submission to God, someone who works hard for his family and laughs loud with them and can't keep his hands off his wife. My boys too are watching and learning from me.

The quote has a little bit of a "shock factor" to it, but it should. As a father, I need to set the example of what kind of man Annika and Alexa should look for in a husband. If I set the right example for them for 17 or 18 years of what a godly husband should be and do, then by God''s grace the chances of them even looking for, not to mention marrying, someone who doesn't fit that example are extremely low. Fathers, be the kind of husbands and fathers you would desire your daughters to marry or your sons to become. You have more influence than you know.

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