"Edgiest Evangelicals"

Matt Schmucker over at 9 Marks casts his vote for Paige Patterson and John Piper as the "Edgiest Evangelicals." Having been influenced by both tremendously as a Christ-follower, I wholeheartedly concur. Dr. Patterson's example in biblical faithfulness and the courage to stand upon that conviction regardless of the cost is a blessing that I was graciously given by God in the early years as a believer at Southeastern Seminary. Though not always easy and comfortable to follow his example, it has always been right to do so.

I was introduced to the writings of John Piper just a year or so after having been changed by Jesus Christ by a good friend who handed me a copy of The Pleasures of God. (Thank you God for your sweet providence in leading Bill Muench to gift me with that book!) God used that book and more importantly the biblical truth contained within it to help me see the God-centeredess of God and how God being God-centered is the most joyful news to a sinner's soul. I continue to be changed more and more into the likeness of Christ through God's grace to me and to the Church at large through the anointed ministry of John Piper.

I do not stand alone as those who have been influenced greatly by these two men and I do not stand alone in giving praise to God for them. My following of them is and will always be a following of them as they follow Christ to be changed more in the image of Him.

And so, yes, I concur 110% with Matt Schmucker's assessment of Paige Patterson and John Piper as the Edgiest Evangelicals alive. Here are a few statements by Matt. Be sure to read the entire post here.

But you won't find these men with exploding graphics and sound systems wrapped around them when they walk onto a platform--at least not by request. You won't find them spending a lot of time on their clothing. You won't find either of these men shortening talks and lightening the truth to accommodate anyone.

These men are edgy like Jesus and Paul were edgy. They take the whole truth of the gospel and stick it right in your eye.

Keep your boy bands and church coffee shops. I'm going with truth presented boldly and without embarrassment. I'm going with the 60 year olds for edgiest evangelicals in America today. Give me Piper and Patterson!


DAO said...

good to touch base...looking forward to your visit.

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R. Philip Blinson said...

It was great to catch up with you today as well. It was great timing too! 10 minutes earlier I had two more people drop out from the trip and so I was a little discouraged.

Your call was needed and it was an encouragement. I will be praying for you and HCC.

Thanks for the links. I will check them out.