A Defining Moment & Very Wise Advice To Parents

Clayton King posts about the conversion of his five year old son, Jacob. I pray God will let me write similar posts some day in regards to Annika and Alexa. Clayton mentions three things he has been (still is) praying for his boys:

1. God, save them while they are young.
2. God, may they walk with You every day of their lives and never pursue anything but You.
3. God, call my boys to preach the gospel.

Holly and I would need to adjust the third to maybe, "God call our girls to be pastor's wives or missionaries," but those are great requests to lift up to God daily on behalf of your children.

Clayton also gives very sound advice when it comes to sharing the gospel with your children and being very careful in regards to their conversion or profession of faith:

Our philosophy has been simple: we will not force our children to pray a prayer they don’t understand to a God they are afraid of so they can go to a cool place called Heaven and eat ice cream and fly around with angel wings forever. Trust me, I have seen altars full of teenagers and college students who “came back” to a faith that was never really their’s in the first place because they raised their hand after a group prayer so they would not be the only kid in the group who failed to pray to Jesus. We want to fill our boys with so much of God’s truth and love that once they have their “conversion moment” they will rest assured in God’s ability to save them and keep them. Forever. We are willing to wait as long as it takes, trusting that they are also on a journey of faith, no matter that they are just 6 and 3 years old, respectively.

Parents, share the gospel daily with your children formally and informally, but "be willing to wait as long as it takes," trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit to change their heart through the gospel. Do not settle for anything less, especially a "decision" from which they will one day depart.

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