2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion & Caution With Child "Conversions"

The latest issue of Outdoor Obsessions contains an interview with Alton Jones, the 2008 Bassmaster Classic champion. There is also a short account of his conversion to Christ. He comments on "conversion" as a child...

I was raised attending church every Sunday, praying before each meal, and kneeling beside my bed each night before going to sleep. As a young child I learned the "right" answers to many spiritual questions and I was even baptized at age 6. At that time, however, my true motivation for baptism had very little to do with my need of a Savior. I knew I needed to be baptized before I could partake in the Lord's Supper. I couldn't stand watching my friends eating a "snack" in church, so I learned the right answers and got baptized. Now I was entitled to crackers and juice in church too...

Pastors and parents must fight against being content with a child who can give the "right" answers, but rather fight hard for children to see their need for a Savior, repent of their sin, and turn in faith to Jesus Christ. Holly and I go through our "questions" with Annika and Alexa. They have about 11 of them memorized. And we are thrilled that they have the right answers to such questions as, "Who made you?" (Jesus) "Why did Jesus make you and everything?" (For his own glory) "Is there more than one true God?" (no)? Yes! Because we know that by God's grace He is putting categories of truth in their minds and hearts which hopefully will be filled with meaning as they get older.

But right now those answers are just glorious spiritual facts that they know in their minds. Their hearts are not changed by the truth they know in their minds. Changed hearts by the power of the gospel and not "right" answers are what we must strive for as pastors and parents.

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