Choosing the Steak Over the Sizzle

Glenn Beck recently wrote a good piece on the media's attention and fawning over Democratic Presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama. Beck writes,

But all of this points to a larger point: We've become a country that continually chooses the sizzle over the steak. McCain may not get my vote, but he gets my admiration for at least offering some substance and new ideas when he speaks. Obama, meanwhile, is like the rock star who's realized that he can just scream unintelligible words into the microphone between songs, and the entire stadium will still scream. When your fans already love you, there's no reason to risk it by offering anything that might be controversial. Remember the Dixie Chicks?

As candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain are ironically a lot like the way the media treats them: Obama is the glitzy magazine cover that screams for people to buy the issue, and McCain is the fact-filled article buried inside that makes you glad you did.

Is he talking about churches today or presidential candidates? Far too many times the churches that are full and "growing" are those that sizzle with sensationalism and entertainment instead of those who are more characterized by the substance of biblical truth and the centrality of the Gospel. By God's grace let us see less rock star, personality, and prosperity driven churches and more churches driven by the facts and faith of the Gospel. We and the lost we long to see saved will be glad if that is so!


Anonymous said...

you know glenn beck is mormon?

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