"Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart"

I just finished reading Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart by John Ensor. I enjoyed this book immensely. I believe this is the best short and easily readable book there is today in regards to biblical manhood and womanhood and the interaction of the two in marriage the way God designed. Every engaged man and woman should read this book. Every husband and wife should read this book. Every Dad and Mom should read this book with their sons and daughters.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some excerpts from each chapter of the book to whet your appetite to go and buy the book and read it. Some posts will be just the excerpts and others may have some personal commentary and how the quotes affected me. I hope you are as edified from these posts as God has been gracious to edify me through this book.

“This book is about doing things right in matters of the heart. It is for those who know by painful experience, if not by observation, that the postmodern paradigm of meeting up, hooking up, shacking up, and breaking up is bankrupting the rich treasure of love itself.”

Chapter Titles

1. Introductory Matters in Matters of the Heart'
2. What the Heart Wants
3. What the Heart Lacks
4. What's At the Heart of Manhood and Womanhood
5. Doing Things Right
6. He Initiates...She Responds
7. He Leads...She Guides
8. He Works...She Waits
9. He Protects...She Welcomes Protection
10.He Abstains to Protect...She, to Test
11. His Unmet Desire Drives Him Toward Marriage...Hers Is Rewarded With Marriage
12. He Displays Integrity...She, Inner Beauty
13. He Loves By Sacrificing...She, by Submitting
14. He Seeks His Happiness in Hers...She Seeks Hers in His
15. He is the Primary Provider for the Family...She, the Primary Nurturer
The Conlusion of the Matter

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