Blogs, Exposing Secrets & Sanctification

Nathan Finn has written an excellent post on the impact technology such as blogs has/is having on the exposing of secrets. You can read the entire post here entitled, Attention Southern Baptists: There Are No More Secrets.

Nathan concludes the post with these insightful words:

The point is, whether helpful, unhelpful, or likely both, blogs have undermined (though not eliminated) the Group’s ability to work behind the scenes to influence the direction of the convention. There are almost no secrets anymore. The world always finds out, and if it hasn’t happened yet, trust me, it will. This should offer a word of warning to anyone who is in a high-profile position within the convention. (The same warning could be applied to pastors of local churches.) People are always watching. They are always listening. Every misspoken word will be recorded. Every fleshly moment will be found out. Every secret decision will come to light. Every hidden sin will be discovered. Every closed-door debate will be let out into the open. In some of these cases, it will be a bad thing when the cat is let out of the bag; it is a fact that not every secret is nefarious and not every closed-door debate is insidious. But sometimes it will be a good thing, if for no other reason than then ongoining sanctification of the one who must now be careful concerning what he says and does behind closed doors. Because all of the doors are now made of glass.

So watch your life, your doctrine, and your email exchanges–somebody is always watching. And even if some secrets manage to slide pass the blogo-police who are always on patrol, remember that there is One who sees all, and pleasing Him is infinitely more important than maintaining whatever meager amount of influence any of us may presume to wield in the Southern Baptist Convention. May the very presence of blogs remind us to allow God’s Word to shine its gospel spotlight into the deepest recesses of each of our hearts, exposing our sin, convicting us of our transgressions, and conforming us to the image of the One who gave his life for us.

The word for followers of Christ in regards to sanctification is this: Make sure that what you say in private, if shared in person or in public will be honoring to Christ and the glory of God.

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