Fathers: Key to Vacation Success, Part 3

CJ concludes his very helpful and valuable lessons to us as fathers concerning our leadership in making family vacations successful. The entire post is here, but below are the final two lessons with an excerpt or two. Enjoy and imitate.

6. Intentionally Together

Family vacations are FAMILY vacations!...It’s about being together as a family. What a family does together is much more important than where a family goes together...A wise father prepares his children for a FAMILY vacation, and he adjusts everyone’s expectations accordingly prior to the vacation and monitors those expectations during the vacation.

7. Gratefulness to God

Vacations are a gift from God. I want my family to perceive God’s kindness and generosity each day, and I want them to express their gratefulness to God each day...because it’s possible for us to be blessed by God but not perceptive of God or grateful to God.

I not only want my children to be grateful to God (“How good of God to give me this”), but ultimately I want them to be amazed by this God, amazed by “the quality of that Being” who has provided all these gifts, and adore him.

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