Obama, Racism, Abortion, & Outrage

I have recently had uncomfortable and disgusting reminders of the ignorance of racism in our country. In conversations concerning politics and the upcoming elections I have heard very racists remarks made in reference to Senator Barack Obama. I have heard comments in public places such as, "I would vote for that (expletive) n---- before I would vote for another Republican." I have heard jokes concerning Obama's black heritage, which maybe were not said with any ill will, but still do not help the problem of racism in our country.

It outrages me that people in 2008 can still be still be so ignorant in this arena of life. Racism has no place anywhere for any reason. But that's not the main point of this post (maybe it should be). Both of those comments involved comments by people who would give their support to Senator Obama despite the fact of his skin color. How kind of them.

There is a much larger issue concerning Sen. Obama's fitness for President. The first video below is a speech Sen. Obama gave at a Planned Parenthood meeting inn 2007. The second video is from Abort73 and as a warning to you is fairly graphic. It depicts the truth behind abortion.

Here's Obama's speech.

Here's the Abort73 Video.

It seems like the kind of equal opportunity for our daughters that Obama wants is that they have the same equal right to enjoy irresponsible sex outside of marriage without any danger of unwanted consequences. A man can have sex and not have to worry about the hindrance of a baby. A woman does not have that equal right and opportunity. Therefore, Obama wants advocates that we elevate the right to have sex without any worries over the right for a baby to live.



SoMG said...

There would most likely be more abortions done in the USA under President McCain than under President Obama. Obama is clearly more serious about helping poor sexually-active women avoid unwanted pregnancies, which is the best strategy to prevent abortions. McCain still doesn't seem to know whether or not he thinks condoms prevent sexually-transmitted diseases.

Also, if you are worried about "coerced abortions" which many RTL bloggers are shouting about these days, Obama will sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which will guarantee on the Federal level the right to keep a pregnancy and bear a child and be free from forced abortion. This is NOT currently a Constitutional or Federal right.

R. Philip Blinson said...


I am not sure either of us know with much certainty what might or might not happen under Sen. McCain or Sen. Obama--though we can guess I guess.

But we can look at each's statements and positions concerning abortion, measure them up to Scripture, and see a fairly clear distinction between the two and where a follower of Christ should place their vote--assuming they were going to vote for one of the two.