Reflections From AWANA Awards Night

On Wednesday evening this week, we wrapped up another year of our AWANA ministry. What a joy it was to see all of those young people receiving their rewards and recognition for working so hard to memorize the Word of God! (As a Dad is was especially rewarding to see Annika beginning to speak the Word of God from memory)

It was also a time to recognize and thank all of our workers who have labored so faithfully for yet another year in serving these young people in the area of helping them to memorize the Scripture. At the end of the awards night, we gave an impassioned plea to parents and church members to begin thinking about serving for next year's AWANA ministry. But there is a plea that must go out and must be answered if our AWANA ministry is to be as fruitful as it could be.

That plea is for our people who are serving on Wednesday nights in AWANA and those who have very understandable reasons why they cannot to be faithfully praying for these children as the Word of God is being placed in their minds. This is so because there is a vast difference in having the Word of God memorized in your mind and rooted in your heart. The difference is a difference that only the Holy Spirit of God can make. Therefore, there is an urgent need for us as the church to be praying for these children throughout AWANA that the Holy Spirit of God would come and take the Word of God and apply it to the hearts of these children. Pray that God would open their hearts to see Christ in these scriptures and turn from their sin and to Him as Savior.

These three must not be separated: Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will use the Scripture to change the hearts of these young people for all of eternity.

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