Abortion Reduction: Logical Position?

Senator Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he is in favor of reducing the number of abortions in this country. I got to thinking today if that is really a logical position to take. Why would you ever want to reduce something? Logically, you would want to reduce something because you see that something as wrong or not the best coarse of action.

That then leads to the question, "If there is nothing morally wrong with abortion, then why would we make the argument of reducing it?" You don't need to reduce something unless that something that you want to reduce is a moral wrong.

And so in making the argument to reduce abortion, you must agree that there is something morally wrong about abortion. That something is that it is the murder of a human life.

Then this leads us back to the point of a previous post. If you want to reduce abortion, then you must see that abortion is wrong and what is wrong about it is that it is obviously the taking of a human life. How then is it logically, much less a morally defensible position to say that a person should have the right to choose to end that human life?

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