A Great Answer to the Question, "What Is the Gospel?"

In the heated topic of exactly "What is the Gospel?" and rather our gospel is too narrow or too broad, Greg Gilbert has written an excellent series of post that give the best answer to this issue that I have read thus far. In this series of post, Greg answers two questions about the Gospel:

1.What is the gospel? Meaning, what does a person have to believe to be saved.
2.What is the gospel? Meaning, what is the entirety of the Good News of the Kingdom.

Very well done and highly recommeneded. Read the whole serires of posts here, but here is a great excerpt from the final installment,

I think we can get at an answer to all those questions by realizing that the Gospel of the Cross (that is, the narrow sense of “gospel”) is not just any part of the Gospel of the Kingdom (that is, the broad sense of “gospel”).* Rather, the gospel of the cross is the gateway, the fountainhead, even the seed, so to speak, of the gospel of the kingdom. Read the whole NT, and you quickly realize that its univocal message is that a person cannot get to those broad blessings of the Kingdom except by being forgiven of sin through the death of Christ. That is the fountain from which all the rest springs.

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