Ministry and Ministry to Your Family

In promotion of the upcoming Gospel Coalition Conference Tim Keller and John Piper give excellent words of wisdom to pastors trying to juggle ministry to the church and ministry to your family.

I especially enjoyed Keller's realistic advice that some people are always going to mad at you over something in the church. If you choose not to drop some things that people expect you to do or be in the church and sacrifice your family for those things, people are still going to be mad at you over something. Therefore, you might as well put your family first, which will mean that some people will be unhappy with you because you are neglecting certain things because it is much more pleasing to God that you minister to your family like you are supposed to and have people mad at you rather than neglect your family and have people mad with you.

Piper's clip reminds us as parents to aim at the heart of our children.

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