Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart 10

Chapter 10 of John Ensor's book Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart is called "He Protects...She Welcomes Protection." In this chapter, he describes how men are called/designed by God to be the primary protector and deep down a woman is more fulfilled and satisfied, not in resisting that protection, but embracing it because that is how God has designed her.

“Mature manhood carries with it a sense of protecting women and children.”

“Suppose there is a fire—do women really think it makes no difference who is the last one to scurry out the window? Do wives really practice egalitarianism in such moments? ‘We are equal, so it’s simply a first-come, first-out situation. If he gets to the window first, I want him to go first. We’ll have no gender-biased fire-escaping around here!’ Women don’t think like this. Women are honored by men who look after them as the weaker sex and therefore help them and serve them first.”

“Women do not like egalitarianism; they are better than that.”

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