Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart 9

Chapter Nine of John Ensor's book, Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart is entitled "He Protects...She Welcomes Protection." In it he encourages women to not buy into the current cultural clamor that women don't need much less want a man's protection. God designed women for that need, for men to meet that need, and women are happiest when they welcome that protection and men when they provide that protection.

“Mature manhood carries with it a sense of protecting women and children.”

“Suppose there is a fire—do women really think it makes no difference who is the last one to scurry out the window? Do wives really practice egalitarianism in such moments? ‘We are equal, so it’s simply a first-come, first-out situation. If he gets to the window first, I want him to go first. We’ll have no gender-biased fire-escaping around here!’ Women don’t think like this. Women are honored by men who look after them as the weaker sex and therefore help them and serve them first.”

Commenting on 1 Peter 3:7

“But taken in context, men are being taught here to think of their wives as better by showing them honor, and weaker by providing them strength. The aim of this passage is the enhancement of womanhood by means of godly manhood. In this my wife can find no offense.”

“Women do not like egalitarianism; they are better than that.”

I especially enjoyed this last bit of wisdom. Like most men, I have a hard time riding or relaxing while riding when my wife is driving. This quote has given me a new rationale for driving--not because my is not a good driver but because I simply feel like I can protect her better when I am driving. Thank you John Ensor.

“Some men wear a seatbelt more out of a desire to be safe for their wife and kids than for the obvious safety to themselves. Some men like to take the lead in driving for the same reason. They feel more able to protect from behind the wheel than riding passenger-side.”

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